20s, new york, lady, mixed

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bioware ocs

i mostly write fic and occasionally mixes but ever since 8tracks died i've been looking in vain for an alternate site to promote my music taste onto unsuspecting people.

♥: deadpool, dragon age, mass effect, assassin's creed, coco, fullmetal alchemist bhood, bioshock, new girl, sense8, spiderverse, venom, wonder woman, ygo dmotps: mustang/hawkeye, ed/ling, fenris/hawke, varric/hawke, ron/hermione, atem/yuugi, mai/jounouchi, shepard/garrus, alistair/warden, nick/jessfullmetal alchemist brotherhood is the best damn thing i've ever seen in my sad life. talk to me any time about how ed/ling is the real otp of the seriesi watch way too much food network and gbboi'm no longer involved w atla/lok, fandom and shipping drama has left me bitter abt bryke so it's hard for me to enjoy either series nowadays. i will watch the netflix live action with cautious skepticismpro-mage, pro-elf, pro-fenrisi'm an idiot but if you're here you prob knew that already

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